Online Young Horse Evaluation

The revolutionary online horse show site has launched a new online Young Horse Dressage Evaluation Program…with ME!

The new online Young Horse Dressage Evaluation Program is an innovative opportunity for equestrians of all ages and experience to have access to feedback from world-renowned judges by submitting videos from their home arenas. Whether you think your talented youngster may be the next international dressage superstar or would just like to know where your horse stands in terms of his training and make sure he’s on the right track for future success, this is your chance to have your young dressage horse evaluated by an internationally acclaimed judge.

All members who submit a video of their four-, five-, or six-year-old horse schooling movements under saddle at the walk, trot, and canter will receive a detailed voiceover commentary in real time that includes an evaluation of their horse’s potential as an upper level dressage horse and an assessment of where the horse is in his overall development. In addition, riders who submit a practice ride of an actual young horse test will receive a complete scorecard with marks and comments for each individual task from the test.



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