Travel and other subjects

Well for all of you who think the life of a judge, coach or clinician is romantic here is my story.

Remember we don’t get paid for the travels day. Remember that!

Last night I needed to go from Madison to Colorado Springs. I was canceled from my original flight from Denver to Colorado Springs. Since the worst weather was over Monument Hill I did not want Mike to drive to Denver to pick me up. So I called United (hint to all- fly on one airline and get priority or else you are sunk )….so I changed to go thru Chicago instead of Denver. Long story short is that all flights were delayed due to weather in Chicago and due to my priority I made a standby which was not my scheduled flight but one that allowed me to make my connection to Colorado.

I had 12 hours at home which is a blessing for me. Then at 11:30 am I headed back to the COS airport to go back to Chicago for a meeting. I finally left at 3 pm. I landed in Ohare at 6:30. Due to bad weather and lots of lightening the airport shut down. Good news we were not diverted to Madison. But we sat for 3 hours waiting for airport to open and ramp workers be allowed back to work (due to lightening).

So a 2 hour trip became a 9 hour journey. I was not paid for this. Then for the Dressage Committee meeting we pay our own food and hotel. Did I mention my air was $900?

Then due to chaos in COS after take of for some reason my boarding pass scanned upon boarding and I made the manifest BUT my reservation did not show up on United. They thought I never took off so they canceled my return. Good thing I get lots of alerts and could call (why not when sitting on Tarmac), and make sure they did not cancel my return tomorrow!

So I know I chose this job which I live BUT it is all not a romantic trip!

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