Lots of learning!

So where do 40,000 horse folk go to learn? The Mane Event. Today I watched driving, jumping, cowboy dressage , skill drills for barrel racing, and a Trainers Challenge session. I also conducted my own session on FEI movements with three excellent demo riders.

Thank you to Sheri Cameron, Lynley Cook and Crystal Kroetch for really a super job. All three horses were well muscled and correctly trained. They were all a bit buzzy due to the atmosphere, and this showed a bit in the contact. As the demo proceeded however, they all got more supple and confident. We were able to show flying changes from 4x to the one tempis, half and full canter pirouettes, piaffe, passage, transitions, the difference between collected, medium, extended trot and canter as well as good half passes and all the different zig zags.

I think what was fun for the audience is that the three horses were different. One was a bit greener, one was more mature and one was solid and ready to show Grand Prix. Very fun and rewarding.

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