Pony Riders

Here is a big shout out to European pony riders! The ponies were not used to the lights and atmosphere-think Global on a Friday night! When the first pony started spinning and cantering when she was supposed to be trotting the rider just kicked that puppy in the ribs and did a nice long gallop around the arena then proceeded with the canter choreography. Of course we had to give zeros for the trot movements but she deserved a 10 for determination! These kids sat like their butts were glued to the saddle too! There were one or two adults with naughty horses, but nothing like these evil pony tricks and the adults just excused themselves! I was super impressed with these kids!


One thought on “Pony Riders

  1. Somehow!!!!! we have to be able to teach our riders this well in the US. The skill and finesse to ride the very difficult FEI Pony tests yet the guts to “get the job done”.

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