First day at Vidabuan

Great first day with warm and sunny morning but turning colder in the afternoon. Had an awesome scribe both in the am and the afternoon with a young girl Anna from Russia!

The horse shoe nail trophies and magnets etc are wonderful and available at or visit their site at

Also contact Stephanie Conte on FB. I love them and bought a few for gifts

The young horses were top quality and well ridden. Fun to give 9’s. Bretton Woods ridden by Mathias Rath is a wonderful horse. They rode in the 7-9 PSG.

There are 6 teams in the CDIO which starts tomorrow. The show also has a CDI***. The setting is beautiful with good footing and we are surrounded by vines. I do a FEI test of choice tomorrow with Hans Christian where we both sit at C and have one scribe! Have not done that before so looking forward to a new experience!

Thanks you to the organizers who are providing wonderful hospitality for us!

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