Better or not?

One big difference between shows in Europe and the United States is that judges and competitors are free to talk and even mingle here! I love being able to walk through a crowd and talk to Kyra or meet someone new! It is so much more friendly. I am not sure why in the USA we are all so suspicious ! Talking to a trainer or rider does not mean I will score them higher. I think we need to be able to trust each other’s moral standards.

The atmosphere is much more friendly for sure! I have to say at this show the bleachers are pretty empty, mostly standing by the rails are the grooms and family. I think Florida is on the right track with the full house on freestyle night!

Today is the CDIO Grand Prix and I would expect more spectators as well! Sunny to start but rain and wind for later in the day. The booths are very comfy all enclosed and with heaters. No computers.


One thought on “Better or not?

  1. I agree, Janet. It’s one of the reasons I like judging schooling shows — a more relaxed atmosphere. I think if there was more of a friendly atmosphere, amateurs and juniors/young riders wouldn’t think judges were so scary! 🙂

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